Monday, 18 January 2016

My baby lips favourites

Hello people, 
(Disclaimer I am not bragging in any way I just thought you might want to see my lip balms) 

Today I am going to show you my top five favourite babylips. 

1. Cherry me- cherry me has a red tint and smells like cherrys this was actually my first babylips and is a repurchase. This is probably my favourite. 
2.melon mania- melon mania obviously smells like melons and although it looks pink in the package it actually turns out looking clear.
3.peach kiss- peach kiss is a lovely nude colour and obviously smells like peaches. punch- this one has a tuti fruity kinda smell and is a lovely pink colour.
Peach punch- this one basically smells the same as peach kiss and it is just a clear colour. 
That's it for today 
And remember to make the most of the little moments xxx

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