Sunday, 20 December 2015

Blogmas day 20

Hello people, 

So I may have not wrote a post in ages I have been busy seeing my family and friends. But I thought I may as well write a post when I can which is now. Enough of the boring stuff on with the post. 

Christmas decorations are a great way to feel festive. Here are some ideas on how to make your room more festive.

1. Christmas bunting. Christmas bunting looks really cute in any room all you have to do is cut out cardboard triangles write your festive message or draw your Christmas pattern then poke two holes on each triangle and thread through the string. 

2. Christmas tree. Obvious one I know but this is one of the essential ways to be festive. 

3. Paper snowflakes. Basically all you do to make these is cut out a snowflake shape on paper and hang them up. 

That's it for today 

And remember to make the most of the little moments xx

Friday, 11 December 2015

Blogmas day 11

Hi people, 

So for this post I thought it would be a good idea to talk about Christmas shopping. Christmas shopping can be one of the most stressful things about Christmas. Here are some tips on how to survive it. 

1. Diy a gift. It may be tempting to just go out and buy something but sometimes it's just nice to know you don't have to go out in the cold and face the squabbling mobs of last minute shopping. 

2. Go shopping with a friend. I find it ten times easier to shop with a friend it makes the whole stress of finding the right gift easier and plus they might have some good gift ideas. 

3. Online shopping. Why not just avoid all of the crowds and shop online plus instead of going outside you can whatch Christmas movies. 

That's it for just now hope you enjoyed,

And remember to make the most of the little moments xxx

Thursday, 10 December 2015

Blogmas day 10

Hi people, 

So this Blogmas post I thought I would help you get in the festive mood. Here are some things you can do to feel more festive. 

1. Christmas songs are a great way to get into the festive spirit.

2. Christmas candles are the way of making your house smell of Christmas whenever you want. 

3. Christmas movies are the ultimate way of feeling festive. There is nothing more to  say other than go watch one if you are needing a festive boost. 

Do all these things at once for the ultimate festive feeling. Hope you enjoyed these tips,

And remember to make the most of the little moments xxx 

Wednesday, 9 December 2015

The trouser incident

Hi people, 

I have a lot of embarrassing stories this usually comes down to the fact that I'm a really clumsy person and just generally awkward person. So I thought if I write all of these stories down we can all laugh at my awkwardness together. 

I'm going to tell you about one of my awkward stories today because if I told you about all of them this post would turn into my life the first story I'm going to tell you about is the trouser incident. 

It was in the Summer holidays and l was at a rehearsal for a play I was in. Everything was fine until the TROUSER INCIDENT. It was time to go over the dance routine, I was in the middle of the dance and then the person behind me said "is that a rip in your trousers" as soon as the dance was over I ran to the bathroom to see if it was true I assumed she ment a small rip on the back of my leg but oh no it was massive rip across my but area. I didn't know what to do the  rehearsals weren't near my home and I was getting a lift back with one of my friends. So I decided to wear my jacket the whole time which lead to a sweaty head and not being able to bend down.

So that was my first embarrassing story  hopefully you enjoyed it. The important thing is at that at that time it felt like the end of the world but I'm fine now and I just look back and laugh at it. 

Leave a comment about one of your embarrassing stories. 

And remember to make the most of the little moments xxx

Blogmas day 9

Hi people,

It's Blogmas day nine so I thought for this post I would talk to you about Christmas candles. Christmas candles are buy far one of my favourite things about Christmas. Christmas candles always get me in the festive spirit. Be warned once you smell a good candle you may never want to put it down. I thought I would tell you about some of my favourites.

1. Yankee candle apple cinnamon crumble this is definitely one of my favourite scents the best way to describe it is imagine it's cold outside and you just took a warm apple cinnamon crumble out of the oven. Even thinking about it makes me a bit hungry. 

2. Tesco wild berry this candle smells amazing there is no other way to describe it. I like to burn it with sweet vanilla for the ultimate Christmas scent. If you live in a country without tesco any berry candle will probably work the same 

3. Yankee candle cherry ice I love this scent it's a really good scent for people who don't really like spice scents but it's not to sickly either. 

So that's some of my favourite Christmas candles I could write about tons more but this blog would turn into a candle blog. 

And remember to make the most of the little moments xxx

Tuesday, 8 December 2015

My anxiety: Panic attacks

Hi people,

So I just realized that I didn't tell you about my anxiety. I have mixture of different types of anxiety problems so I thought I would tell you about them one by one. The first one I am going to talk about is my panic disorder.

Panic disorder is basically when you have a lot of panic attacks which isn't always that convenient. For those of you who do naught know what a panic attack is the best way to describe it is the worst feeling I have ever experienced not really because of how you feel at the time but how you feel after it.

Panic attacks are a response your brain has when it thinks something is scary. Panic attacks only become a problem when you start to get them for things that are not in reality scary but your brain thinks it is

That's it for just now    and remember to make the most of the little moments xxx    

Blogmas day 8

Hi people, 
So for my first post in Blogmas I thought I would write about some of my favourite Christmas memories.  

1. One of my favourite Christmas memories are the Christmas sleepovers I have with my twin cousins they usually consist of lots of Christmas songs, hot chocolate, Christmas movies, cute dog costumes and of Christmas baking. 

2. My second memory is Christmas party's with my whole family. This is probably my favourite Christmas memory  it's the best thing we eat loads of food, make utter fools of ourselves on the dance floor and play loads of those awkward table games. They are usually very awkward but in the best way.

3. My other favourite memory is of course  Christmas Day I mean who doesn't love Christmas. I think Christmas is better than any birthday because you are not the only one who gets to feel special everyone is in a great mood and there is no better present than seeing someone's face light up when you give them a gift. 

That's it for today's Blogmas tell me some of your favourite Christmas memories in the comments section. 

And remember to make the most of the little moments xxx 


Hi people, 
Since its December I thought I could do Blogmas. I know it is a bit late but hey better late than never. Today is the 8th and I'm going to post something later it will not always be Christmas themed but hopefully you enjoy it :) 

And remember to make the most of the little moments xxx


Hello people,
You probably just stumbled across me while you were on blogger, anyway I'm getting of topic let me tell you a bit about myself. 

My name is Beth l live in Scotland uk (no I am not wearing a kilt) I'm 13 and I love animals. I also like baking, art, chocolate, and makeup (even though I am really bad at it). I also have bad anxiety problems:( I am writing this blog just to have fun and hopefully entertain you with some of my weird stories, also to make people reassured that have anxiety and hopefully we can get through anxiety together:). 

So this is my first post hopefully someone  will read it and stick around so we can laugh together at all the stupid things I do. That's it for just now  and remember make the little moments special xxx