Monday, 28 November 2016

Dear readers

Hello people, 

Long time no see. Look I'm sorry for not posting for like a year but hears the truth of it this year I've been through ALOT and I know that's a lame excuse but I have been. Here's just a few things
Number one. I'm not homeschooled anymore 
Number two. The reason for me not being homeschooled is because I battled my anxiety and beat it two the ground (booo anxiety)
Number three. I think I realise why I keep getting this anxiety 
Number four. I haven't been blogging for fear of it being used against me which gave me anxiety 
Number five. I felt like what I was posting was too generic like everyone else I think I just need to remember to be myself.
But I've got it figured out now :) I think don't jinx it. I really want/need to hear your guys input to all this I urge you to comment and please subscribe to this blog. No schedule I don't know when I might need to post or rant so I'm not going to schedule it. 
Hope you had a good year so far tell me what it was like for you :) 

And remember to make the most of the little moments xx