Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Being invisible

hello people,
I've noticed lately that I seem to feel very unimportant, I feel very un-needed I think that my whole life I've been viewed as someone I'm not. You see at school I'm that girl that nobody really knows, like people know I exist but don't really take any notice. I think this is because I'm not my true self at school I know for a fact I'm not, I just sit in class and I don't speak unless I'm asked to and I'm kind of sick of it. I feel like I'm a lesser person and that I'm being judged for something I'm not all I want is to be myself but I can't because I feel people perceive me as one way. It's not like I don't speak believe me I do but I feel like my words aren't important like nobody cares what I have to say all i ask is for my opinion to be appropriated and for me to stop being excluded from the banter for being quite.

That's it for now rant over,
And remember to make the most of the little moments x