Friday, 26 February 2016

It will get better

Hi people,
I wanted to write this blog post because I was feeling really crappy earlier today and I wanted to just write some thing to go out to all of you who have anxiety or depression problems. Listen you may be feeling so alone write now or be panicking or worrying it may feel horrible right now but it will eventually subside. Remember you are not alone we are all in this together (please excuse the high school musical quote it's not  intentional) You may feel like no one gets it and no one will understand but I get it. You may feel worthless but you are defiantly not you are Important!!!! And never let anyone tell you otherwise. If your worried about what people think of you don't there already to busy thinking about themselves. It may seem like the most impossible thing right now but you will feel better. And together we can all get through the pain in the but that is anxiety and depression. Tomorrow will be better!

That's it for just now hope you liked this post.

And remember to make the most of the little moments xxx

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